Druvani, Fiji


My title for Druvani at a lecture which I gave was „A Day in Paradise“. This is how I felt about this island. It is an unspoilt, tiny tropical island beautifully situated in the South Pacific Dravuni is one of the 322 islands that comprise nation of Fiji. To be exact it is situated in the Fijian island group of Kadavu, south of the main island of Viti Levu.


The island is very small nd has no other means of entry other than by boat or ship.

It is not regulary visited but occassional cruise ships will anchor here. There are only approx. 150 people living on this island that is less than 2 kilometres long by about 0.5 kilometres wide. You could walk around it in no time, save for the rocky cliffs that come right down to the shore at both ends. You can, however, walk to its summit if you fancy a not-so-tough hike on a hot day.


Cruise ships must tender at this stop. You arrive at a small pier on the beach where the islanders offer food and drink, crafts, and clothing for sale. The local Fijians are very friendly and are glad to answer any questions you may have. The attractions of this island are its friendly people and of course its wonderful natural beauty. It is possible to snorkel and enjoy the swimming in the warm clear water. Locals offer a motorboat ride around the island with a fisherman.


Peter and I spent the day getting to know the locals by visiting the small school and after a swim and some snorkeling I received a back massage. A most relaxing day and really „A Day in Paradise“.