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Scotland, a country with numerous million ever changing faces. You can sit looking at a landscape and see the changes of the scene every few seconds. Strong winds blowing the clouds making shades and sunny patches on the ground giving the eye ever pleasing spots to discover. Atmospheres of romantic, history, chivalry, poverty, many many moods are projected and experienced in a short time of space when admiring and traveling this most beautiful and interesting country.


What a wonderful month in Scotland, exploring, learning and teaching photography. We have two wonderful groups each staying for 7 days. This experience gave me a wonderful opportunity to be back on home ground Great Britain but to explore the unknown to me territory of Scotland.


I had been to Scotland twice in the past but never for a length of time. With my camera hooked to my body, as always when traveling, Peter and I set off in our RV to check out area of interest for the two groups. Our travels took us through England over the border to Edinburgh and onto central Scotland, the west coast including four islands and onto the north coast where we were more than fortunate to see and capture dolphins!. On our return journey to Edinburgh we were able to take time to travel the south east coast of Scotland.

So much more to see and discover but I am very grateful for this month of discover and enormous pleasure.

Impressions of Scotland

Linda & Peter "On the road again" in Scotland 2016


Fotoworkshop Nr. 1 (1 Woche) mit Teilnehmer-innen aus Deutschland

Reisefotografie mit Linda & Peter


Fotoworkshop Nr. 2 (1 Woche) mit Teilnehmer-innen aus Deutschland

Reisefotografie mit Linda & Peter