The Galapagos Islands - 2014

Linda Peinemann

 Internationale Fotografie Journalistin

Mitglied in Deutschen Verband der Pressejournalisten

Bild -u. Reisejournalismus 


International Photography Journalist 

Member of the German Press Association 

Photography & Travel Journalism


Nationalität/ Nationality - British & German



Nikon Professional Service Mitglied

Member of Nikon Professional Services

I feel very privileged to lead the life I do traveling the world, meeting people, using my talent as a photographer around the globe and always with my best friend and husband Peter at my side.

I love what I do and do what I love! That´s why I enjoy sharing my hobby and work with others through showing my photography and talking about our wonderful travels and experiences.

Join me on our travels......


Grüner Weg 6, D-27239 Twistringen, Deutschland

Tel: 0049 (0) 4243-942143