On the Ukrainian/Polish border with Linda & Peter - „Our Ukrainian War Experience"


Out of a most successful donation campaign (thank you to everyone for your support) a rescue tour to the Polish/Ukraine border developed and took place between the 10th – 13th of March 2022.


Thank you to our fantastic team who shared this extremely hard and emotional journey with us, to Borchers Reisen/Anke & Christof Borchers - who made this unbelievable tour possible, to Gemüse Meyer who immediately supplied all the food, to the wonderful people of our local district that contacted me and offered to open the doors to their homes and hearts for these war victims. And last but not least, to all our friends and neighbours that have and still are giving their support in many, many ways.


Peter and I now have two wonderful Ukrainian families living with us. They light up our lives!

More information about our tour can be found under two links - this is the first link to the local newspaper: Thank you Katarina Schmidt at the Kreiszeitung for your support.

Link:-  https://www.kreiszeitung.de/lokales/diepholz/twistringen-ort47316/fluechtlinge-kommen-in-twistringen-an-91407801.html.  It’s in German but you can use the Google Lens app to translate text in pictures. Just install Google Lens, hold you camera over the text and it will transforms before your eyes!





Additionally, Gary Castle who is a British musician living in Twistringen with his German wife Pia, both good friends of ours, has made a wonderful 5 minute video documenting our journey, backed with a song he wrote to inspire us through these difficult times.


Join us on our journey under the below link. 


Share our experience with family and friends. 


If you’re interested, Gary’s Youtube channel ‘Gary-Tritt-Auf’ features a weekly peek at places in Twistringen accompanied by a new guitar tune. Give him a thumbs up for his support and subscribe to follow him on his musical journey "Gary tritt auf - Welttournee in Twistringen 2022". We all need fans!


Yours, Linda – Photographer & Member of the German Press Society


P.S. If you know Ukrainians, feel free to share this video with them as it may help them to deal with their experiences better, show them how welcome they are here,  and what a tremendous amount of support there is.