Beijing, China

Peter and I have been to China on various occassions over the years when we visited exhibitions in Hong Kong. However, we had never had time to visit Beijing.


Beijing - Absolutely fascinating! We met so many friendly and most helpful people whom we could not converse with as they did not speak English and we do not speak Chinese but by using our „hands & feet we got where we wanted to go and saw what we wanted to see.


Could I imagine going back? Yes, yes and yes!

Our planned tour of Beijing worked out extremely well. I had pre-booked a car ith driver and tour guide. They took us tot he main attractions on our first day. We then had 2 days to walk around Beijing and mix with the locals. What a great experience.

Street photography in Beijing

Finding our hotel at night!

The forbidden City

The Great Chinese Wall at Badeling

The Summer Palace

Visiting a Jade Factory