Day 3. As previously mentioned, we had rented our car on the Brazilian side of the boarder and decided it would be a good idea to visit the park and at the same time take the car back 24 hours earlier. We had found out that it would be possible to get an Argentinian bus back from the park on the Brazilian side to the bus terminal about 500 meters away from our hotel. This worked out perfect.


We left early and headed to the car rental office at the Foz do Iguacu airport and I made a good deal with the lady there. We gave the car back 24 hours early and someone drove us to the national park so that we did not have to pay for a taxi. It worked! The Brazilian side of the waterfalls is much smaller that the Argentinian side but really well worth seeing as you get the complete view of both sides from this area.


First of all you get your park entry ticket – dollars, local money or credit card, all is accepted in Brazil - price approx.. US$20 (18 Euro), they you get on a double decker open top bus which takes you the approx. 8 km to the waterfalls. On arrival you walk approx. 300 meters and are confronted with a MARVELOUS view of the complete waterfalls. The trail is approx. 2 km to walk with various views from different perspectives. Finally at the end you can take a lift up to a platform giving you  panoramic view.


We stayed at the waterfalls for approx. 3 1/2 hours before making our way back to the bus station to find the correct bus and bus line to take us back over both borders to our hotel. Peter was a little worried that this would possible be a problem. It was not. It was so easy.


The bus leaves at the park exit at only certain times in the afternoon. You must pay in local money. The bus drives to the Brazilian border where foreign visitors must exit the bus and go through the passport control. On the other side you get back on the bus, which drives, through no man´s land to the Argentinian border where you get “the same procedure as before”. The bus turned off where we had expected it to do so, one hour after leaving the park we were sitting in a restaurant near our hotel enjoying a meal.


Back at our hotel we headed for the swimming pool. It was really nice being in such a small hotel. The pool is surrounded by tropical plants, flowers and is a lovely place to relax in. Evening, time for a drink and to pack our small case for the flight to Buenos Aires the following morning. We were both looking forward to Buenos Aires and hoping it would be completely different from Rio. It was! Read on...


We are so glad that we had organised this tour for just the two of us. It has been most successful up to now and we have enjoyed every minute of it!

Buenos Aires here we come!!


Tag 3. – Peter                                                                                                                                        An den Grenzen verlief alles nach Plan und so waren wir gegen 10.00Uhr am Nationalpark.

Nach einer kurzen Busfahrt im Nationalpark erreichten wir die Wasserfälle. Diesmal war der Rundweg ledig ca. 1,5 km lang. Linda war in ihrem Element und wir waren für die relativ kurze Strecke 3 Stunden unterwegs. Wir sahen jetzt die Wassermassen die auf der Argentinischen Seite in die Tiefe stürzten. Es war ebenfalls ein unvergessenes Erlebnis.

Da wir bevor wir den Park am Morgen erreichten den Mietwagen wieder zurück gaben nahmen wir jetzt den Lokalen Bus zu unseren Argentinischen Ort. Alles verlief reibungslos und so hatten wir noch einen entspannten Nachmittag und Abend am Pool.