27th January 2016 South Africa - Safari

A leisure day. This was to be a day off but we decided to pull our hiking trp planned for the next morning forward. By doing this we would be able to go back to bed after the trek whereas the following day, our departure day, we would have an 8 hour journey ahead. This was truly the right decision to make.

Wake up call 5.30 am. Hike started at 6.0 am. No Breakfast beforehand just a cup of tea or coffee if you were early and fast enough.
Our guide walked with us through the bush area surrounding our lodges. We met up with a group of Zebras (about 8) and actually got within 3 - 4 metres near them. Our guide Elias gave us a lot of information about the culture of South Africa. He explained how the bush people survived when hurt or thirsty. He told us how if they had an open wound they would find a termite nest and us the termite head as a pin to seal the wound. Definately not something that I would like to try doing. He talked about witch doctors and beliefs of the  African people.
We arrived back at 8.0 am for breakfast. Leisure day! Yes, we actually went back to bed for 2 hours and then enjoyed a couple of hours relaxing around the pool.
No tours were included on this day so any additional tours were at our own cost. We decided to book a tour to a local Wildlife sanctuary. We left our lodge at 2pm for a 15 minute drive to the sanctuary (it took 55 minutes - African time). The tour lasted 2 hours and was very interesting.
Our evening was spent very leisurely drinking a beer and talking to other guests exchanging experiences and stories.