Punta Arenas / Chile - 16.11.2017
Sorry, not much to say about this stop.
Peter has the flu. I think the filming that he did around Cape Horn gave him the rest. He was not feeling too well then and stood on deck in the wind watching the sail around. Of course it was a one off experience to sail around Cape Horn and he was determined to film most of it and had to stand in the wind to do so. 
He decided to stay in the cabin until my return. I went out with Chris (26) and his parents Martin and Grit. We hoped to see some penguins in the National Park. No penguins only rain. The penguins can only be found on a nearby island and we did not have enough time to take the ferry. Martin and Grit had hired a car so we headed for the national park but then found out the penguins are no longer there. We then visited some replica ships from the 16th century and a local cemetery. There really was nothing else to see in this area and it was now raining heavily. One of those horrible grey wet days. Temperatures between 5 - 7 degrees. I returned to the ship where Peter & I had something to eat and prepared to leave the ship and head for the airport. Our flight out to Santiago de Chile was at 18.10.
Our flight arrived in Santiago around 9.30pm so by the time we left the airport it was 10 pm. I had been in contact with the hotel when booking our room and found out that there was a hotel shuttle service from the airport, which we found and took. The transfer into the city center where our hotel was situated took approx. one hour and cost $10 per person. My first impressions of Santiago were not the best bit it was dark and we were tired. 

Now being 11pm Peter only wanted a bed, some medicine and tissues. I on the other
 hand was really hungry as we had not eaten anything since 1pm and had just found out that we had to leave the hotel too early for breakfast. The cafe in the hotel was just closing but I put a big smile on my face which was appealing showing how hungry I was and the staff were kind enough to make me a toasted cheese sandwich and even offered to make me French fries which I declined. I really enjoyed the sandwich and took one back to our room for Peter who was far too tired from his flu that all he wanted to do was sleep. We have organized a taxi to the airport for 6.30am. Our flight to Lima, Peru leaves at 9.10am. It will be a 3 1/2 hour flight. We will then have a 3 hour wait before flying onto Cusco/Peru which takes another 1 1/2 hours.

Cusco - Machu Picchu here we come. Hope Peter will be feeling a bit better tomorrow
After a good nights sleep in Santiago de Chile.