29th January 2016 Port Elizabeth - South Africa

Tip 1Super cheap flight booked through Opedia online. This was incredible value for money. Read on ..........
I had been a little bit worried about the flight because it was soooooo cheap. Only €47 per person from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth. I decided to book these flights and take a chance. When booking online I was also a bit worried as my booking would not go through immediately I had to try 3 times and thought it had been booked off my credit card 3 times. NO! Everything was fine. On arrival at the airport We were sent to African Airlines who sent us to British Airways. I was just starting to get suspicious that we were going to have problems when British Airways checked us in. I could not believe this was happeneing. The BA flight tickets had been approx. €250 per ticket more expensive online. We had a great flight including breakfast on the flight.
Tip 2. I nearly always book our rental cars via www.billigerautos.de. Again we got a fantastic deal. The rental charge was €20.50 for the day including insurance etc etc.
The petrol station station is only 100 meters from the car return so no problem with re-fuelling. 
Great value for money.

We had a great day in Port Elizabeth - Highlight Storm River Mouth in Tsitsikamma Garden Route National Park.We set out from Port Elizabeth at 10.30am in the direction of Cape Town as we wanted to see something of the Garden Route. We found two fantastic beaches and then drove onto Storm River. We drove along the Old Cape Road and also used the N2 which is the state road and runs parallel to the Old Cape Road.
Our drive took us to Humansdorp via a couple of beautiful beaches, one being Jeffrey's Bay.
Fantastic fine sandy beach stretching for miles!

After walking over the large Storms bridge we drove onto the Mouth of the river which was such a fantastic experience - waves higher than on Hawaii - unbelievable and wonderful. We sat and ate the largest muffins we have ever had and watched the largest waves we have ever seen.
My camera ran hot again pointed at these waves. It had after all had an 8 hours cool down break after our safari tour.
We set off back to Port Elizabeth before sunset. We saw this through our mirrors and back car window. The sun was huge but we did not stop because we wanted to find our accomodation before it got too dark. Everything was well organised in advance and I had received directions from Ellie at the Raggy tour office and a number to contact Lloyd who would be waiting for us. We rang Lloyd to advise where we were and he gave us some helpful tips to find our appartment. It worked. Half an hour later we were enjoying a cool beer with Lloyd and his wife on their patio overlooking the Indian Ocean.
Our appartment was great. Really clean and we felt very very comfortable. Lloyd and his wife are conservationists and we were on the same wavelength. This was the start of a FANTASTIC experience.